Hi, my name is Marie-Claude Lacerte, I am 27 years old from Montreal Canada. I am an Master Graduate [Business 10013891_1036406569705153_7918361656945188065_nand Marketing] .Nowadays I work's in the  Entrepreneurship Institute of HEC Montreal. I am also a T.A for a creativity and entrepreneurship course. I do my best to help and guide my students to create and develop their ideas.

We've come to Israel because it is the start-Up nation. We chose to come here and preferred Israel over other campus options, including Silicon Valley and Brazil. People from Quebec are very creative, but we don't like to take risks. You really like taking chances and you think outside the box. It is inspiring!

The main difference between us is the fact that you are older than us as a result of the IDF.  You are more mature and have more experience than us concerning team and project management

Another difference is the work process – we usually work in a specific structure while you usually discuss and argue until you get what you want.

We would like to learn about your history and your culture and that is why we have all the tourist activities. In the business matter, we would like to meet entrepreneurs and learn from stat-ups their way to success and learn from their experience.

Some of the students were a little bit nervous to come here and some of the parents were scared because we hear a lot in the news about the conflict here and everything that happened here last summer. We all got our insurances and then we came here.

The Institute of entrepreneurship definitely appreciates the Israeli business spirit and we are looking forward to have the Israel experience.

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